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Our Family Story~ Why An ITP Journal?

Our first introduction to ITP was in March 2011. I felt tired all the time, I knew something was not right. After visiting Doctor after Doctor, my OB/Gyn finally took blood work and called to let us know my blood platelets were at 19,000, she said I possibly had ITP. A condition, I had never heard about. Long story short…..after rounds of steroids, I decided to have a Splenectomy. I went into remission, I am not cured, but in remission and very thankful.

Fast forward to September 2013, ironically ITP awareness Month, our daughter was diagnosed with a mild case of ITP. Ugh, we thought we left ITP in our past, but it reared its “Ugly Head” again!  My husband and I just can not understand why this is happening again. Because of our experience with ITP we try to focus on the positive and what can we do to bring more awareness to this little known blood disorder. Life started to become overwhelming again, weekly blood work to check Platelet levels, appointments with Specialists, tracking Platelet Counts, Communication with family & friends, journaling about our daughter’s moods, fatigue & bruising. We had a hard time keeping track of it all. We decided to venture out to see if we could started something online so we could organize all of our ITP information in one place. Voila! The PlateletPal!  


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