About The PlateletPal


The PlateletPal is a project started from the seed of our family’s experience with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura also known as… ITP.  ITP entered into our lives in March 2011. I was a busy Mom. I felt tired all the time and knew something was not right. After visiting Doctor after Doctor, my OB/Gyn took blood work and called to let us know my blood platelets were at 19,000, she said I possibly had ITP. A condition, I had never heard about. Long story short…..after rounds of steroids, I decided to have a Splenectomy. I went into remission, I am not cured, but in remission.

Fast forward to September 2013, ironically ITP awareness Month, our daughter was diagnosed with a mild case of ITP, her platelet count has dipped as low as 44,000, which is not critically low, so she is on a “wait & watch” program.

Because of our ongoing ITP mystery in our family, we have developed this site to have one place to Journal, document, organize, photograph our families low platelet Journey.

To learn more about ITP, please check out the Platelet Disorder Support Association’s Website.


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